R O B I N + R H I N O

Made In Sheffield

Hugga factory, Attercliffe

People make stuff in Sheffield. They always have. 

The city is famous for its steel of course, and there’s still a huge amount of that about. But there’s so much more to be found. From Cotic Bikes to The Leadmill, from Peddler market to the new McLaren factory. And then there’s the art, the food and the music. And the breweries. And Hendos. It’s all happening here. 
When it comes to clothing, Sheffield knows what it values. Form and function. Yes, it needs to look right. But that’s no use unless it feels right and wears right. People expect their clothes not just to last, but to improve with age. It’s the opposite of cheap and throwaway. 
At Robin+Rhino we’re proud to make our clothing here. We’re a new brand built on rich experience and heritage in clothing production. Everything that we sell is made in its entirety in the Hugga factory in Attercliffe, just to the North of the city. So we control the quality of construction, fit and finish. And you get a better garment. We use the best materials that we can find, all sourced as locally as possible. Our small production team is headed up by Jill who has over 25 years of experience in making clothes. 
Be kind, be strong, be gentle. Love R+R.