R O B I N + R H I N O


Catherine - Mauser 4 thread OverlockerThis machine is called Catherine. It’s a 4 thread overlocker that was made in Germany by the Mauser corporation somewhere between 20 and 30 years ago. In a previous life, Catherine was used in the production of linings for the inside of sleeping bags used by Arctic explorers. Her work has been up Everest more times than we’ve been up Asda. We use Catherine for all the heavy duty construction on our tees, sweats, baselayers and more. She is more than up to the job. 


Princess - Brother 4 thread OverlockerThis four thread overlocker is called Princess and was made by Brother, in Japan, sometime in the 1980s. Brother machines are renowned for their reliability and, touch wood, Princess has never let us down. We bought her from a firm in Manchester that specialised in making clothes out of PVC for those with quite specialist tastes in evening wear. Even though machines don’t have feelings, we can’t help but think that she’s happier with us. 


Donna - Juki LockstitchThis Juki lockstitch is called Donna. It’s exactly the same machine that our head of production Jill used to use in the 90s at Rotherham's Claremont factory when she was making polo shirts, tees and all sorts of dresses for Marks & Spencer (back when they used to manufacture in the UK). Donna stills sews like a dream but clearly there’s been a story since those days… she’s a Japanese machine but she’s got a newish motor and control box that are made in England. Some things just wont die. 


The Tomato - Yamato CoverstitchOur coverstitch machine is called The Tomato (it’s a Yamato and we’re not great at naming things). A similar vintage to our other machines, The Tomato has a caring aura that we put down to her many years service to the NHS. If you have had a spell in hospital, chances are that you have sat on, slept in or been carried by something that’s held together by The Tomato’s good work. We’re happy that she’s living our her dotage with us, finishing hems on our custom made tees.


Mimaki Sublimation PrinterWhilst our sewing machines date back 20, 30 or 40 years, our printer is bang up to date. It’s a Mimaki, made in Japan and sold to us by the good people of RA Smart in Macclesfield. They told us that it was the first of its kind to be installed in the UK - as state of the art and state of the art can be. It’s a sublimation printer that prints ink onto paper which we then use to dye the names of our customers into the personalised sections of our custom clothing.